The individual class teachers will care for children in their classes. Through developing close links with the children, they are able to cater for all the usual aspects of pastoral care. Parents are encouraged to discuss problems with the teachers and the Headteacher.

In addition, Mrs C. Jones is the Inclusion Officer within the school. Find out more about this role here.

Support Agencies such as the school doctor, nurse, dentist, speech therapist, educational psychologist and educational welfare officer are fully utilised as appropriate. Our school nurse is Beckie Banks; she is not based at our school but is in frequent contact with us so that any concerns are dealt with promptly and effectively. She can be contacted via Mrs C. Jones. Our Education Social Welfare Officer is Damian Stormont; he supports schools and families with attendance and punctuality issues. Again, he can be contacted via Mrs C. Jones.

The very culture of the school is based upon all children knowing that they are cared for at all times and that the Every Child Matters agenda is at the forefront of all elements of school life.