Our Healthy Tuck Shop

21st July 2016

Our pupil-run healthy tuck shop, Fruitilicious, was set up in the autumn term this year. From the humble beginnings of a £50 donation from the PTA it has become a very successful business which has made a profit of nearly £1200 and seen some of our Year 6 children visiting Unilever to make a presentation to the Vice President!

Pupils at our school were disappointed that, while the school lunches on offer were nutritious and varied, opportunities to buy healthy snacks were very limited. They appreciated the chance to buy toast at breaktimes but the occasional tuck shops that did run sold only unhealthy options such as crisps and chocolate. When our School Council identified a demand for more wholesome choices the idea of a healthy tuck shop was born.

We approached a company called Fruit to Suit to help us to get started. They came into school to train Year 6 pupils in the various roles required: Director, Finance Manager, Marketing Manager, Purchasing Manager, Sales Manager, Stock Control and Market Research. Pupils were invited to apply for the roles for which they thought they were best suited and Ms Naylor, who has overseen the tuck shop all year, interviewed the candidates and selected the team. The next task was to place an initial order for stock, and then to start selling to see how it went!

The tuck shop has proved so popular and well-supported that it now runs during three breaktimes a week, and Year 6 pupils take turns in manning the stall. By carefully monitoring stock levels, carrying out taste tests and conducting surveys the Directors and their team have ensured that popular snacks have been in plentiful supply and have quietly phased out the less successful products! The children have had wonderful opportunities to develop their confidence and business skills by telephoning through orders, keeping careful records, counting - and accounting for - all money coming in and going out, and meeting regularly to review progress.

An even more exciting opportunity arose when one of the Directors wrote to Unilever to ask if there was any way in which they might be able to support our Enterprise. We were keen to build links with this big local business and employer, particularly as the school itself was founded by Lord Leverhulme when he built his model village for workers in his factory. Unilever responded with great interest and invited the team in to meet with and present to the Vice President so they could explore how to be involved. As a result of this the team was asked to run a healthy tuck shop for Unilever employees during one lunchtime in July.

Not only was this very successful financially, raising £200, it also enabled our children to explain to members of staff there what the Fruitilicious Enterprise was all about, and to receive in return some very useful business tips! We are extremely grateful to the Wellbeing Team at Unilever, and particularly to Helen Gale, for arranging this for us; we would also like to thank all the staff there for their kind support. Helen and her colleague Myroula came into school this week to present the money raised and to explain to all our pupils a little bit about the history, work and approach of Unilever. We enjoyed showing them around our school and sharing its history, work and approach in return! We look forward to continuing these links next year and beyond.

Money raised by the tuck shop has made it possible for us to fund several trips for our Year 6 pupils, including visits to Thurstaston and Aerial Extreme; it has also paid for supplies for a post-SATs party for them. A generous donation was made to St John’s Hospice in the spring term. In addition, the team kindly purchased a large clock for the Key Stage 2 playground as a gift for the school - this was presented to Mr Lacey during the Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly yesterday.


The huge success of this year’s tuck shop has been due to the enthusiasm and hard work of the Year 6 pupils and Ms Naylor. We would like to thank them so much for all they have done as they now hand over to a team from our current Year 5, overseen by Mrs Heale. They have a hard act to follow, but we’re sure they’re up for the challenge!