After-school Clubs

10th June 2016
We have now added information about after-school clubs to the 'Curriculum' section of our website. Here you can read about the many and varied clubs we offer throughout the year, and check which day each after-school club takes place and for which age group. When a club is due to start, children in the relevant year groups are told about it and given a letter with further details if they express an interest. Please sign and return this letter to school as soon as possible as some clubs are limited to size due to space or safety considerations. You will be notified by text to let you know whether or not your child has been given a place.
The dates on which the club will happen will be clearly communicated to you. In the rare event that a club cannot take place on one of these dates we will contact you by text. Please assume that all clubs will run on the given dates unless you are notified otherwise.
We will update the clubs list every term to make it as easy as possible for you to check whether your child' club is due to take place. We hope you will find this helpful.
To view the page, please click here.